Digital Content Marketer & Social Media Specialist

StephI’m Steph, a wordaholic, fashion follower, baker and digital loving girl currently based in the East Midlands.

I’m passionate about the creative industries and since graduating from the University of Lincoln (Media Production BA) have undertaken roles within content marketing and social media.

I’ve worked with a variety of positions some of which were within a fashion PR company, a digital marketing agency as well as running my own business and working freelance with small to medium sized business both B2B and B2C across multiple sectors.

Amongst these roles I have been required to:

  • Create and manage social media platforms
  • Write content strategies
  • Outreach to key online influencers
  • Write and manage blogs
  • Create video concepts and content
  • Give training and consultancy on all areas of digital marketing
  • Write press releases
  • Write copy for websites & promo material
  • Online event coverage- managing various platforms to distribute high quality content
  • Analysis and reporting on social media campaigns

As well as lots more….

Outside my day to day work I enjoy reading fashion blogs as well as shopping in various cities around the world (Sydney being the most recent!). I love to bake and cook as well as be cooked for in some lovely restaurants. Going to the gym and keeping fit are important to me (especially after consuming so much of my own baking!). As I mentioned earlier, I love to travel and also like to document those travels by taking gazillions of photos. Music is another huge part of me and keeps me motivated whilst working, exercising or on a mammoth plane journey. I’m very open minded and like artists from all genres as well as attending festivals and gigs when I can.

I drink loads of tea, love animals, Apple products and shoes as well as writing several “to-do” lists every day.

So now you know what I can do and what makes me tick, feel free to get in touch for a chat or a meeting (you never know I might even bring cake!).